In the Philippines however, tweets relating to Corona Virus only represent 13.2% of the total conversations on the platform.

Twitter conversations from January 1 – March 28, 2020 in the Philippines

What does this mean? Aside from wanting to receive updates on the current situation, Twitter users are also interested in topics that provide them a temporary reprieve from the pandemic. 20.1% of conversations revolve around Entertainment, 15% on Music, and 8% on Hobbies. This provides an opportunity for advertisers to remain relevant in the lives of consumers despite the enhanced community quarantine by taking part in any one of the dominant topics that are relevant to their brands.

A brand that is not related to any of the popular topics can still leave a lasting impression on its consumers. There are still meaningful conversations that are going on in the platform that may not show up as major topics. It might be helpful to plot what your consumers day is like given the current situation, listen to the conversations on the platform, and see how the brand can make a difference.

For instance, a mom who is now working from home might need ideas on how to keep her kids entertained while she is busy with office work. A dad might be wondering how to make quick repairs around the house. A college student who is out of school might be looking for ways to keep himself busy with all the extra time such as taking online classes. A millennial might want to hone her cooking skills and also exploring ways to still look fashionable during virtual meetings. Families living with older adults might be concerned about how to protect their beloved during this time. Friends who typically meet each other on Friday nights are probably looking for ways to bond virtually. There are many possibilities.

The key is to understand what your consumers are going through and help them navigate their way in this new reality. A brand that shows concern for its consumers during difficult times without the aim of generating revenue will be remembered and endeared. Consumers need to know that their favorite brands are still thinking of them.

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