MediaDonuts’ Managing Partner, Pieter-Jan de Kroon, spoke at MPossible the signature event of the Media Specialist Association of The Philippines (MSAP). The topic of his presentation was “People Based Marketing” where Pieter-Jan laid out how technology and measurement allow advertisers and agency to put the consumer at the centre of their media planning efforts rather than plan media in silo’s. People-based planning is shifting from a cookie-based to an ID-based planning approach. Cookie-based planning has lots of problems: People change their devices cookies get deleted and cookies are not available on mobile apps et cetera”. “Consumer ID-based planning can bypass cross-device problems and we can even connect it with offline sales. The biggest limitation to Consumer ID based planning are walled gardens, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc which are platforms where the data you acquire from running campaigns stay within those platform and can’t be used across other media.

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