A major player in the world of advertising is launching in Sri Lanka and is set to revolutionize many aspects of the digital landscape in the island. MediaDonuts, the programmatic advertising and technology platform, is now in Sri Lanka. With two headquarters situated in Belgium and Singapore, MediaDonuts also have offices in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.

MediaDonuts have acquired a strong reputation, winning over clients with their commendable portfolio of work. Whether it’s the US or Europe to even the Far East, MediaDonuts has always left a sweet taste with their work and conquered every quest in every geographical boundary they have stepped in. Their launch in Sri Lanka is set to open up new avenues and dimensions for brands and advertising agencies alike.

Along with MediaDonuts, programmatic ad buying is also set to change the face of online advertising in the country. Helping brands have one-to-one conversations with their most valued customers, MediaDonuts aims to maximize the return on the brands’ media investment. MediaDonuts also provide professional services to be up to speed with programmatic by providing dedicated account management with experts that can help transform brands with programmatic marketing.

MediaDonuts understands the importance of being innovative to draw a viewer’s attention. With the people, knowledge and experience they possess, MediaDonuts provides excellent Rich Media ad placement services as well. Add to that, their effectiveness in retargeting helps to keep brands on the top of the minds of customers. Their expertise in ad buying across channels such as display, video, and mobile along with social media advertising and search engine marketing is set to revolutionize online advertising in the island.

With regards to their launch in Sri Lanka, Pieter-Jan De Kroon, the Managing Director of the Singapore HQ had this to say “We are ecstatic to be launching our 11th global office in Sri Lanka. We believe that our expertise in the Asia Pacific region will give brands in Sri Lanka an edge to optimize their media budgets and also to add a new flavour to their digital strategy. We would also like to open an invitation to all agencies to join hands with us for rich media, contextual targeting, real time bidding, cross-device targeting and many other services we at MediaDonuts offer to help enhance the client experience.”

Delighted to be joining hands with MediaDonuts, Subodha Pilimatalawwe, the Managing Director of Seven Media Group had this to say “We have been researching and prospecting many global players in the programmatic space to offer ad-tech in our vision of establishing Sri Lanka as a digital media outsourcing hub for Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It is with great joy we announce the joint venture with MediaDonuts. MediaDonuts Sri Lanka functions independent to our agency business in Sri Lanka making the platform accessible to all agencies and clients alike”.

MediaDonuts Sri Lanka is a joint venture between MediaDonuts LTD. and Seven Media Group Pvt. Ltd.

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