MediaDonuts attracts top marketer from Panos

“From sandwiches to donuts: a match made in heaven that will accelerate digital solutions and European growth.”

Antwerp 21 April 2021 – The Belgian online advertising and technology agency MediaDonuts has recruited Ab Polspoel as Strategy & Business Director. “With his experience in retail, telecoms and insurance – on both the advertiser and agency side – we want to accelerate the expansion of new digital solutions and European growth,” says Jim Kramp, Managing Director MediaDonuts. After almost nine years with the food retailer, Polspoel will make the switch from Panos to the agency world in mid-April and lead a young but hungry team of digital experts.


With extensive experience of 20 years in digital marketing, the former Marketing Director of Panos (La Lorraine Bakery Group) – nominated as Marketeer of the year in 2018 – is making his expertise available to help advertisers effectively reach target audiences in a digital advertising market.

MediaDonuts aims to set up a long-term data strategy with clients in order to reach target audiences as effectively as possible.

“What I love about MediaDonuts is that they are building a real ecosystem of data and advanced ad tech solutions for clients. This is crucial in an ad market where privacy is becoming increasingly important and media such as out-of-home, online radio and connected TV are being sourced digitally,” says Polspoel.

Ab Polspoel, Strategy & Business Director MediaDonuts

“I have had the opportunity over the past 20 years to develop the competencies that are essential in an increasingly fast-changing, more digital and more transparent advertising market. I believe that creative content, data and technology are the key levers for creating brand value,” says Polspoel.

Important reinforcement of the local market

With this important reinforcement, MediaDonuts is adding a lot of experience to the local market to support a young and hungry team of digital experts. The agency, founded in 2010 in Antwerp but now present in 11 countries in EMEA and APAC, develops innovative solutions to help brands connect optimally with their target audiences.

“MediaDonuts was born out of innovative media buying models such as real-time bidding. We believe that the key to a strong marketing function in the future lies in demonstrating effectiveness and accountability. Media buying must contribute transparently and demonstrably to long-term marketing business goals,” says Kramp.

Jim Kramp, Managing Director MediaDonuts

“I have seen MediaDonuts’ work from the front row in recent years, as a customer. The way they, as partners, co-created unique, tailor-made solutions to make our communications measurable was impressive, especially in a context – a sandwich chain – where conversion still happens offline. I am very much looking forward to MediaDonuts contributing to the further transformation of media-buying in our market,” concludes Polspoel.

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