Twitter workshop on sport content was held on Friday, November 16th between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Glowfish Sathorn. The workshop received grate positive responses from sport news reporters and influencers, with the total number of 28 guests (from 30 RSVP registrations), and participants from several major broadcasters and publisher; such as Siamsport, FourFourTwo (Fox Sport Asia), Thai League, TNN, ThaiRath, CH7 and famous sport personals, Khun Champ Peerapol (sport news anchor) and Khun View (formal badminton player for national team and actress).

The presentation divided into three major topics, and was delivered by me and Maurizio. You may download the presentation here.

  • An overview of Twitter growth and audience in Thailand’s market
  • Sports are happening in Twitter
    • FIFA World Cup by number
    • 2018 Asia Game by number
  • Creative and publish tools on Twitter
    • Twitter trend X Live
    • Creative formats and live streaming
    • Media Studio Vs. Ads Manager

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