Gen Z Goes Back to School

Everybody’s trying to grasp the changes that swept the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that includes the students who make up around 50% of Gen Z Twitter users in the Philippines (1). As they are really finally heading back to school, brands should take this into consideration and send them off with the right message and the best marketing approach that works in the new normal.

With distance learning and all the other fears that the pandemic triggers, marketing moves that worked before might not work today, so brands have to be strategic in crafting messages that resonate with the students and their weary parents. 

Champion Convenience

Being able to shop for essentials from your home has become so important now more than ever. Students are gearing up for an all new way of learning, but just as how they won’t be stepping out of the house to go to school, they shouldn’t have to go to the store to get their supplies. Craft messages that tell your customers they don’t need to come to you一you’ll come to them.

Inform and Educate

Forced to abandon the old ways of doing things, we are all left confused as we struggle to adapt to the new normal. People are lost, especially Gen Zs who are still figuring out how distance learning would work. Offer your help by providing information and clarity: Help them choose the right computers or devices to buy, give tips on setting up a dedicated space for schooling, share fun and uplifting content for both students and their parents. Give them a pep talk and help them get ready as they navigate this new schooling set-up.

It’s also important for brands to understand the shift in consumer behavior following the new school setup, and adjust their strategies and messaging to get customers excited about things that otherwise may not be currently at the top of their minds. For example, non-essential school supplies like bags, water tumblers, or pencil cases are things that students can do away with this year, so put out content that suggests fun and creative ways to use these items at home; like staying organized even when studying from home, keeping hydrated, etc.


Also, brands that have been previously marketed as snacks for purchase in school now have to find creative ways to stay relevant in the students’ academic life. Suggestions on how to carve out a special time to take a break from school work and enjoy a snack is highly recommended and will be much appreciated by students.

Show Them That You Care

According to GWI, 86% of Gen Z users in the Philippines belong to households where finances were dramatically affected by COVID, which makes price the most important consideration when they’re making purchases (for 82% of them to be exact, according to Deloitte’s back-to-school survey). Also, 95% of moms on Twitter Philippines approve of brands that run promotions, special offers and loyalty perks for customers amidst the COV19 pandemic2


This is the best time to show your customers that you’re there for them, and that your brand truly makes an effort to ease their burden during this difficult time. So make your special discounts and back-to-school bundles take center stage with your social media posts and be the first brand that comes to mind when your customers are ready to add to cart and check out.

Gen Z makes up a big part of your audience, so craft marketing messages that they can resonate with. It’s how they know that you truly get them.

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