#StartWithThem | Getting to Know the Gen Zs on Twitter


It is through social media that they discovered about themselves, found their voice, and learned how to use it; and Twitter, being the platform where they can express their mind and an entire palette of emotions with barely 300 characters, is where you’re going to find them. 


But who are you going to find, exactly? 


Majority of Gen Zs on Twitter between the ages of 18 and 22. Most of them are living with parents一and a dog. Or a cat. They are students, and they are single1. You probably don’t need research to tell you that they are also heavy mobile phone users, glued to their devices all day. According to Global Web Index (GWI), 94% of them use their mobile phones to do all sorts of online activities, including hanging out on social media, shopping, streaming movies, listening to music, catching up with friends, and more. 


With social media and these electronic devices woven into their lives, brands are provided with a great opportunity to connect with these young people and get their message across on Twitter.

7 Ways to Connect with Gen Z on Twitter

You already have the platform. All you need now is the right message and a bit of creativity. After all, Gen Z is not a difficult audience. You probably already have their attention, you just have to work at keeping it. Here’s how.

1. Hear them out

Understand the role your product or service plays in people’s lives. With the current enhanced quarantine situation, that may have changed a lot. Consider these changes and look for opportunities to help and be useful, and inspire others to do the right thing.

2. Ask them to share their ideas

Gen Zs have a lot, and when it comes to what they want from you and your brand, they might have something you can actually pick up. Ask them for new product suggestions, desired customization paths, or creative spins on existing offerings. 

3. Back up your strategy with data

Don’t just fire out tweets at random. Plan out your daily content using Twitter analytics to make sure there are people actually reading them at the time of your posting.

4. Don’t be a snob

Be the brand that responds. Whether they asked a question, tagged you in a photo, or simply mentioned you, make sure you acknowledge. Not only will Gen Z consumers remember you for having great customer service, they will also feel connected.

5. Don’t let them forget

Sometimes all they need to make that purchase is a little bit of a nudge. Give them the push that they need by sharing photos and videos of your products that say “you want me!”. Make it hard for them to say no; make it easy for them to find you.

6. Inspire with visuals

Gen Z is a highly visual generation. Give your Twitter presence an edge by using inspiring content in the form of beautiful images and illustrations, cute infographics, funny memes, and exciting videos. 

7. Feature real people

Show your Gen Z customers that there are actual humans behind and beyond the brand. Retweet influencer marketing content, highlight short videos from customers, or maybe introduce some of the key people who do awesome things for the brand behind the scenes. 

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